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PRESS RELEASE - His Highness Etebom Dr. Effiong O. Eberefiak, Clan Head of Oku, Uyo, has described MOSES ESSIEN, People's Democratic Party (PDP) gubernatorial aspirant, as one born in the cradle of the Ibibio Nation and therefore very dear to the heart of every true Ibibio person

His Highness Etebom Dr. Effiong O. Eberefiak, Clan Head of Oku, Uyo, has described Moses Essien, peopleís Democratic Party (PDP) gubernatorial aspirant, as one born in the cradle of the Ibibio Nation and therefore very dear to the heart of every true Ibibio Person.

These views were expressed recently when the aspirant paid a courtesy call on the traditional ruler to congratulate him on his coronation to the throne of his forefathers as the Clan Head of Oku and also to seek his fatherly blessing for the gubernatorial race in which he is eminently in the lead.

The Clan Head who was highly elated described the aspirant as one destined for great things for the good and well being of the people of Akwa Ibom State.

The Aspirant, Moses Essien, who was accompanied by a large entourage told the Traditional Ruler that he was in the Palace to formally intimate him of his resolve to present himself for election into the office of Governor of the State, come 2007.

The Aspirant recalled his achievements while in office as Commissioner for Education, Youths and Sports in the State and said he would do even more for the State if he were elected Governor. The achievements included the establishment of the Akwa Ibom State College of Arts and Science, massive promotion of Teachers, elevation of Principals and Supervisors of Education to grade level 16 after years of forceful stagnation on grade level 14; cancellation of rents paid by teachers on official quarters, and payment of rent allowance to Teachers as did to other Civil Servants; the institution of a Task Force on Students and Pupils loitering, which caused Students, Pupils and Teachers to be in classrooms before 8:00am and the Institution of the policy which brought about appointment of principals as Permanent Secretaries in the State Civil Service, amongst others.

As regards his plans for the State if elected Governor, Moses Essien told Chief Eberefiak that under his administration, Education would be made free, qualitative and compulsory, to help build good manpower for the development of the State.

Education is the tool the aspirant said the late Chief Obafemi Awolowo used in entrenching the Great Yoruba Race as economic and intellectual leaders in Nigeria today.

The aspirant also outline his plan to ensure food security for the people of the State and begged to be quoted that any Government that is unable to guarantee food for its citizenry, has no business managing the affairs of such people.

To arrest youth and graduate unemployment in the State, which has become a social menace, he said that his administration would establish a minimum of 300 Industries in the state, which would be owned, operated and managed by the people.

These Industries, he said, would be backed up with a research institution for strategic economic and technological innovations and value added discoveries.

The Aspirant decried the poor housing conditions of the masses of the State, and waxed philosophical that if God can be mindful of little rodents and birds by providing them with holes and nests, then leaders should be even more mindful to provide meaningful housing for the populace.

In this respect therefore, he said plans are afoot to set up 300 units of 3 Bedroom Apartments in each of the 31 L.G.A of the State annually.

To stop capital flight from the State, the aspirant said his Administration would establish an international wholesale market in the State to boost service and commerce in the State and the Gulf of Guinea States and Countries.

He also made mention that an international standard seaport will be established to enhance international trade and commerce in the State.

To cap the courtesy call, Moses Essien prayed Etebom Eberefiak to enlighten his people to support good visions, policies and programmes aimed at changing their social and economic circumstances.

In his response, the Etebom who is famed for his intellectual prowess said that the story of the aspirantís success, as Commissioner is well known in the State.

The Traditional Ruler said that he had witnessed all that the aspirant did while in office, and that while many thought he was rather too young for the office into which he was called to serve, the aspirant proved his detractors wrong by bringing the vigour of his Youth, and fresh ideas to bear on his duties.

Edidem Eberefiak opined that only a very sound administrator could have set up a School as strategic and important as the Akwa Ibom State College of Art and Science, under three months.

The Etebom particularly decried the systemic bastardization of the traditional institution in the State, and attribute this to the poor mental culture of leaders, which makes them respect other peopleís things than their own.

To restore the respect of the institution, the Etebom advised that the office of Special Adviser to the Governor on Traditional matters should be created and should be occupied by a traditional ruler of repute, to advise the Governor on traditional matters which he may not be well versed in.

At the end, the Etebom prayed for the success of the aspirantís ambition and offered him the traditional blessings of the Oku Clan.


Uwem Udoko
Media Assistant
To Moses Essien.

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