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Campaign Headquarters
3 Asutan Street, Off Wellington Bassey Way, Uyo,
Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria.


Email: essienmoses@yahoo.com



"Moses Essien is a very hard working person. His philosophy is “Here and Now”. He doesn’t believe in postponing things. When he established the School of Remedial Studies (now School of Arts and Science), within three (3) months, everything from getting approval for the school, construction of structures, employment of teachers and other staff members, and enrollment of students were completed and lectures started within three months. Though his programmes for 2007 are Capital intensive and very challenging, I see him completing everything within two (2) years. My concern is: what will he be doing after the first two years in office? Good problem. Let us support him because with the help of God, he will turn Akwa Ibom State to one of the best in the world. "

Arch. Emmanuel Eshiet
Eket, AKS

"Moses Essien is a young man whose track record impresses me. He was commissioner for Education at the age of 30, special assistant to the former Minister of Education at the age of 32, Chairman of the Federal Panel on the Eradication of Secret Cults in Federal Universities at the age of 34 and has served in various national bodies in the country and at the age of 35 contested for governorship in 2003 and if PDP had not returned all their incumbent governors, Moses Essien would have been Governor at the age of 35. Now at the age of 39, he is waxing stronger and stronger politically. I have a strong conviction that he will make it to the Hilltop as Governor of Akwa Ibom State at the age of 40. I wish him the best. He is young but highly talented, so confident, bold and courageous. "

Mr. Idongesit Usen
Essien Udim, AKS

"My first time of meeting Moses Essien was in Bauchi State when he was a member of the Governing Council of the Federal Polytechnic, Bauchi State. Everyone respects him and holds him in high esteem. They said the man is very sound although he is young. I was so proud that I am an Akwa Ibom person when I heard all those good comments about him and I am so happy that by God’s grace, he will become the Governor of Akwa Ibom State by 2007. "
Mr. Jumbo Udom
Etinan, AKS

"What strikes me most about Moses Essien is his humility. He is not class conscious and has no class preference. He has the ability to relate with both the high and the mighty as well as with the less privileged in such a way that makes everyone around him feel appreciated. He also has the ability to make everyone around him do the right things and work hard. He himself is a very hard working person. If we give him a chance to govern Akwa Ibom State, we will be glad we did."
Mrs. Eno-obong Idorenyin
Ikono, AKS
(Media Consultant).

"I can tell you that Moses Essien is a clean man. And he is also a cleaner. In 1999, as the chairman of the Federal Government Panel on the eradication of secret cult in Federal Universities and Polytechnics, he spearheaded the campaign against cultism. That year witnessed students all over the country renouncing cultism. Today, there is peace and tranquility in Nigerian Institutions of higher learning.

When he assumes office as Governor of Akwa Ibom State come 2007, I see 419 operators (fraudsters) change to honest trade and business; I see armed robbers abandon their gun and be gainfully employed; I see prostitutes leave the streets for better and acceptable means of livelihood; I see area boys join newly established industries for good jobs and I see herbalists (fetish priests) and spiritualists turn to Jesus Christ.

With Moses Essien as governor, we are heading for a physically, morally and spiritually clean society."
Mrs. Edet Abasido
Uruan, AKS

"I appreciate those who organized the gubernatorial debate in Akwa Ibom State. That was when I first saw Moses Essien. Ah! That man is sound. He is highly loaded intellectually. He knows what he wants for this state. If we give him a chance, Akwa Ibom State will take a pride of place in Nigeria and in the entire world."
Mr. Samuel Usoro
Obot Akara, AKS

"Moses Essien is a great encouragement to the youth. No amount of money is ever too small or too big in his support for the academic pursuit of young people around him or any young person he comes across. He has facilitated the admission of so many young people in different Nigerian Universities and when they graduate from school, he will always help them to get employment anywhere he has connections when there is no vacancy in his own company. I feel inspired by him. God will certainly see him though and make him Governor come 2007. "
Uduot Ukpong
Ikot Ekpene, AKS
(NYSC Corps member)

"Ah! Moses Essien. He is such a respectful person. Although he is a man of calibre, when I see the type of respect he has for the elders, I always say within me that this man has the fear of God in him, that is why he is behaving that way. He respects elderly people and people in authority. He conducts himself respectfully. He is a good man. He gives honour to whom honour is due. I see him as a bridge between the young and the old. We will all take our rightful places come 2007. Please vote for him."
Elder (Dr.) Edward Inyang
Ibeno, AKS

"The man, Moses Essien, is completely unique. He is in a different class. One of my friends who is a member of the Yoruba Council of Elders and also a member of Afeniferi told me that Moses Essien is the favourite of the yorubas. Their elders admire him for his courage, intellectual ability, integrity and transparency.

He is one man you cannot bribe and who cannot take bribe and he does not know how to keep quiet if you are involved in a shady deal. He will reprove you immediately. He believes things should be done properly. They know him for that and they admire him a lot. It’s a nice thing that he is from my place. I wish him success in his Governorship ambition."

Mr. Gabriel Akpan Udoh
Ini, AKS

"God has revealed to us that Moses Essien is the next Governor of Akwa Ibom State come 2007. Therefore I enjoin all the children of God in Akwa Ibom State to support his candidature so that the will of God for Akwa Ibom State can be fulfilled. God will surely bless everyone who has partnered with him to make Moses Essien Governor of Akwa Ibom state in 2007."
Pastor Moses
Lagos, Lagos State

"Moses Essien is a magnanimous person. And he is so generous. The way he helps people and gives out money to people – both the poor and the rich, young and old, men and women, you would wonder whether he has anything left for himself and his family. Anywhere God will bless him for all his love and compassion for the people. He is such a compassionate person and his concern for the down trodden and passion to see them enjoy better lives is the major drive for his political ambition. So let us all go out and register so that we can vote for him come 2007."
Mr. Diana Inem
Uyo, AKS.

"He is a highly de-tribalized person. Moses Essien loves every Akwa Ibom person. And he will always stop to speak with you when he hears you speaking Akwa Ibom Language whether in Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt, Kaduna or Bauchi or whether you are an okada man, a mechanic or a hawker or whoever you are. I first met him in Lagos and later in Abuja. He gave me his home address and described the location for me. This enabled me to visit him at home.

He believes in One Akwa Ibom State. He does not discriminate. He has friends from all over the State – Anang, Ibibio, Oron, name it. His wife is from Annang nation and his personal secretary is an annang person and his workers and scholarship beneficiaries are from all the tribes of Akwa Ibom State. Moses Essien believes in the unity of this State. I believe if we vote him as Governor all the tribes will have a cause to rejoice and we will have a more united Akwa Ibom State."
Mrs. Idara Mbon
Oruk Anam, AKS
(Civil Servant)

"Moses Essien is a God fearing person. Anyone who is close to him can attest to that. To me he is a model of a true Christian in politics. Apart from living an exemplary Christian life, he encourages everyone around him to conduct his or her life in the fear of God. I know he will never do anything that will constitute an embarrassment to the body of Christ or a disappointment to the Almighty God. As a person, I am so proud of him. He is my role model and we need a God-fearing person to govern Akwa Ibom State. Let all of us vote for him."
Mr. Ndifreke Udoma
Ika, AKS

"I am happy that governorship has been zoned to Ikot Ekpene senatorial district. And in this senatorial zone, Ikono / Ini Federal constituency which Moses Essien comes from insist on producing the next Governor of Akwa Ibom State because they are the most cheated, deprived, marginalized and exploited federal constituency in the entire State.

Since independence in 1960, 46 years now, other federal constituencies in Ikot Ekpene senatorial district have consistently refused Ikono / Ini people the opportunity to share in any of the political offices that have been zoned to the senatorial districts.

Out of the seven zonable positions of governor, deputy governor, minister, ambassador, ruling party chairman, senator and speaker, all other federal constituencies in the State have had a fair share except Ikono / Ini people.

For forty-six (46) years, we have had nothing and yet we produced the highest number of votes in Ikot Ekpene senatorial district and the second highest votes in the entire State at both 1999 and 2003 presidential and governorship elections.

So this is our turn and Ikono / Ini people are presenting Moses Essien as the people’s choice for governor 2007 and we will do everything Godly possible to ensure that Moses Essien wins and we believe that all Akwa Ibom people will join us in redressing this forty-six (46) year old injustice and vote Moses Essien as governor of Akwa Ibom State come 2007.
Chief Sylvester Obot Etim
Ikono, AKS
(Political Consultant)

"Moses Essien, to me, is a servant of God. There is hardly any church in this state that he has not supported financially and materially within the past ten (10) years when he finally settled in Akwa Ibom State. Not only that, he respects men of God and cherishes them and will always go out of his way to help them and to show love to them.

He often says that men of God should be held in high esteem, that they hold the highest office in the land and are the representatives of God. He acknowledges that the peace and unity that we have in Akwa Ibom State today is as a result of the prayers of the men of God in the State. So, I see Moses Essien’s victory in the forth-coming election as victory for the Church, the body of Christ and victory for Akwa Ibom State."
Pastor John Esema
Oron, AKS

"Wetin? This man is extremely handsome. It’s our turn to produce the most handsome governor and most beautiful first lady in Nigeria come 2007. Moses Essien, you’re the governor of Akwa Ibom state come 2007. No shaking! I will support you with my entire body, soul and spirit, strength, might, power and everything."
Barr. Patrick Inemesit
Eket, AKS

"Moses Essien paid great attention to job creation and skill acquisition for the youth while he was Commissioner for Education and special adviser to the former Minister of Education."
Hon. Akpan Mfon
Nsit Ubiom, AKS

"Moses Essien has distinguished himself with project execution, welfare programmes, political and democratic leadership."

Chief Stephen Otu
Etim Ekpo, AKS
(Political Analyst)

"Moses Essien is a leader who considers himself a part of the sociopolitical order rather than a figure situated above it."
Mr. Uwem-edi-imo Akaninyene
Ukanafun, AKS
(Political Science Student)

"Moses Essien is the man that can serve the people of Akwa Ibom state without any problem. I am saying this with reason. This young and vibrant man did something in my life, which was so great. I will never forget what he did for me, and I will still thank him the more. I will not disclose what he did for me here, but today Moses Essien has made me a happy person. May God grant him his wish in Jesus Name, Amen."
Mrs. Abigail Marcus
Oron, AKS.

"This man, Moses Essien, paid my bill. He may not remember how he paid my bill. I was at the point of death, but he rescued me. He made me to live up till today. Tell me how such a fellow should be forgotten. And I really believe that he is the “messiah” sent to liberate Akwa Ibom people. So you as an Akwa Ibomite, please I am begging you, don’t lose this great opportunity to elect Moses Essien as the governor, I mean the man of the people because he is so good. I mean he is good."
(Arch.) John Solomon
Ikot Ekpene, AKS.
(Medical Doctor)

"An adage says: “Anything worth doing, is worth doing well”. Why are we beating about the bush? Already the man “Moses”, the God-sent fellow is here, to liberate us from the pangs of poverty and hardship. I know some of you may say, “this one has got his fill from him”, No! We all know that a good thing is a good thing. So please support Moses Essien, with all your capacity, for the transformation of Akwa Ibom State. “No shaking” Boy! You are the governor!"
Mr Etetim Eteka
Itu, AKS.
(Civil Servant).

"I know that Moses Essien is God-sent, because God sent Moses in the Bible to liberate the children of Israel from Egypt. So anyone that opposes him, opposes God and anyone who stands by him, stand with God. Thanks."
Pastor Usen-Obong Udosen
Essien Udim, AKS.

"Whether there is god-fatherism, or no god-fatherism, what I know is that the person God has anointed, has been anointed to govern Akwa Ibom State. Come rain, come sun, Moses Essien is the right man for this mission because God has seen our suffering and has sent him to lead us to the Promised Land. Please I am begging every Akwa Ibomite to support him."
Nelson Patrick
Ibesikpo Asutan, AKS.

"Moses Essien is the one the cap fits to lead Akwa Ibom State to the promised Land. That was how it happened in the Bible. That name “Moses” means a lot. I don’t know his house or his village, so you can’t say I’ve got something from him. I am a chief so I cannot lie. But I know that he is the right person to lead us. Period."
Chief Ubong Akpansung
Abak, AKS.

"Moses Essien has proved his worth since he was the Commissioner for Education. It was through him that we have Akwa Ibom State College of Art and Science and other laudable projects here in Ikono, during that little stay in office. He will do much more when he becomes the Governor of the State. That means he will do more than our expectation. Please I appeal to all and Sundry, let’s support Moses Essien, “the man the people”. Thanks. "
Itoho-owo Patrick
Ikono, AKS.

"I am so happy that Moses Essien is now ready to lead us to the promised land. A lot of people have enjoyed his philanthropic services. He is such a selfless person. Many people can testify to this. As Commissioner of Education, he made a lot of people great so I see anybody that opposes him as a Judas Iscariot."
James Idung
Obot Akara, AKS.

"Until we stop selling our right like Esau did, we will never see good things coming our way. A lot of people today still do what they know is not right. Instead of them to choose the right way, they beat about the bush because of common material things. Stop beating about the bush, and choose Moses Essien today. No long talk – Moses is the hero."
Prince Nicholas
Abak, AKS.
(Civil Servant)

"It is a natural phenomenon that “truth stands on his own”. I know Moses Essien to be a truthful person. But let me just ask a question: Can’t we have a youthful and vibrant Governor like Donald Duke of Calabar that can represent and lead us (Akwa Ibomites)? Let us feel the truth and do the truth. Let’s stop selling our right to those we don’t know. Moses is the right man, vote him for a better Akwa Ibom State."
Mrs. Rosaline Oliver
Eastern Obolo, AKS.

"Moses Essien is the man whom I believe can excel and can showcase our cultural heritage. The young man is like a son to me. I have found the good governorship trait in him. It is for us to help ourselves by electing him the governor, because heaven helps those who help themselves."
Chief Usung-Urua
Ibiono Ibom, AKS.

"Let us not be like the Biblical fools who built their houses on sandy ground, and the wind came and blew them away. But let us build our houses like the wise men who built on the rock, where the wind could not blow away. Let us choose the ground now, so that we will not regret. Be wise; choose Moses Essien for a better future. As for me, and for everybody, he is the one the cap fits."
Mr. Pascal Ukpong
Ini, AKS.
(Civil Servant).

"Moses is not my brother, neither is he my father. But I know if he becomes the governor of Akwa Ibom State, everybody will enjoy his leadership. I am saying this, because of so many things he has done for people even before his gubernatorial ambition. During his tenure as Commissioner of Education, a lot of people enjoyed his offices. Let everyone of us (Akwa Ibomites) support “MOSES ESSIEN’S GUBERNATORIAL AMBITION” for a better tomorrow.
Mfon-Obong Nsongurua
Ikot Abasi, AKS.

"The time has come for us to stop supporting people without integrity. Let us stop fussing around and face reality. What do you think that someone, who has mastered the gimmicks of “resource deviation” since the days of Noah, will do for you? Instead of helping you, he will do more of his “resource deviation”. Let’s face reality; let’s support young people who understand the needs of the people. Moses Essien is the man. No comma but full stop."
Mr. Ignatius Ukpong
Itu, AKS.

"Can’t we have a handsome and dynamic governor in our State? Can’t we have a man who knows the needs of the people? Can’t we have a philanthropist as our governor? If we can, “Moses” is the answer. Support Moses Essien today, for a better tomorrow."
Miss Regina Martins
Nsit Ibom, AKS.

"Moses Essien is quite a good fellow. He is such a calm man and the obedient type. He listens to people’s problem so I believe he stands a hundred percent (100%) chance of becoming the governor of Akwa Ibom State come 2007."
Mrs. Nora Sunday
Etinan, AKS.

"When an elephant moves in the forest, all other animals must bow. All others must bow for Moses Essien because he is moving majestically to the seat. Oga remember me in paradise O!"
Marvin Innocent
Orueoffong Oruko, AKS.

"Well, we all know that the time of foolishness has passed. The time of wrong choices has passed. But the time of supporting and electing someone with good qualities and exposure has come. Who can we choose? Ask many people. But why ask? Moses Essien is the only answer!"
Mr. Itoro Ukpong
Ibesikpo Asutan, AKS.

"From the look of things, Moses Essien is really the best man to lead us. And I believe as he comes out to contest that he will win. Because his call to contest is a call from above. Others should please give way to him because he is the governor come 2007."
Prince Udofia Utin
Nsit Atai, AKS.
(Civil Servant)

"I don’t know Moses Essien in person, to be candid. But I am judging what I heard that this guy is doing. I know a lot of people will not understand me, but I am telling you that Moses Essien is the next Governor come 2007. Although my own brother wants to contest, I have told him to wait. So if you are a good Akwa Ibomite who wants change, vote Moses Essien as Governor in 2007 election."
Mr. Alphonsus Okon
Mbo, AKS.
(Civil Servant)

"Moses Essien is someone God has sent to help our people. In fact, I was touched the first time I saw this handsome young man’s poster. Also, I am happy that this guy is going to make it this time, because I really know that a lot of people with foresight are supporting him. Moses, I wish you good luck!"
Mrs. Grace Udo-Idung
Ika, AKS.

"My people, don’t sell your birthright to someone who will not remember you. Take a careful look at Moses Essien o! Why? Because he is the man. Don’t sell your birthright again o! VOTE Moses Essien as the governor for the growth of this state. No shaking. The office of Governor is for you, Moses Essien."
Comrade Samuel (Zenith)
Onna, AKS.

"If any assessment is going to be made, from the Genesis to Revelation of all those who have come out to contest, I feel Moses Essien is the best. Zoning or no zoning, Moses is the only man that I believe is going to transform this Akwa Ibom State for the best. Moses is young and exposed. He is well exposed, in the real sense. So let’s forget about polities and face reality. I know I may offend some people, but the truth is always bitter. Vote Moses Essien as the Governor for a better Akwa Ibom State."
Mr. Emman Jonah
Mkpat Enin, AKS.
(Political Consultant)

"Moses Essien is actually the person who is going to be the governor of Akwa Ibom State, come 2007. I am not from his senatorial district, but I understand that this man is good in all aspects and ramifications. And he is worthy to govern this state. Vote for him."
Mr. Eyo Samson
Urue-Offong Oruko, AKS.

"No long talk; Moses Essien is the governor of Akwa Ibom State. If you like, believe it, if you don’t like, leave it. But I know Moses Essien is the next governor of Akwa Ibom State."
Miss Virginia Nelson
Mbo, AKS.
(Computer Operator)

"Moses Essien is someone I have never met before. But I have heard how he has been helping people since he became Commissioner. So I am supporting him although I am not a politician but a prophetess. And I am prophesying that Moses Essien is the next governor of Akwa Ibom State."
Prophetess Sandra Effiong
Esit Eket, AKS.

"Good people of Akwa Ibom State, let us face reality now. Let’s take Moses Essien as our next governor come 2007. If Moses becomes the governor of this State tomorrow, it is certain that he will be a governor to be proud of. So let’s nominate him and later vote him as governor."
Dr. Sampson Morgan
Eastern Obolo, AKS.
(Medical Consultant)

"I am not a politician and I even vowed not to support anybody. But ever since this young man (Moses) emerged, I willingly joined his train of supporters. I know that a good person has finally emerged to lead Akwa Ibom State. So let us join hands and support Moses Essien from the primaries election to the general election. "
Mr. Efanga Esang
Okobo, AKS.

"Obviously, Moses Essien was well trained and well brought up starting from his childhood. I am saying this, because he respects people. He values elders. I am an elderly person and I pray that he becomes the next Akwa Ibom State governor come 2007."
Ette-Idung Monday Etokeren
Ukanafun, AKS.

"As for me, what I see in this political arena is that people favour those they should not because of money but throw away great products that can make this State proud. This time around, I make an appeal to everyone to stop those flights of fancies that we would not attain, and face realities. Moses Essien is worthy, I mean, hundred percent fit, to be the governor of Akwa Ibom State. My family and I are supporting him. And I ask every Akwa Ibomite to do the same. Thanks."
Mr. Bassey Bassey
Udung Uko, AKS.

"The Moses in the Bible was sent by God to liberate the children of Israel from Egypt, so is this Moses of our Days. I believe Moses Essien is God-sent to take us to the Promised Land. May God guide him and grant him the leadership position of Akwa Ibom State."

Pastor Cosmos Akan Nya
Uruan, AKS.

"Moses Essien is qualified to serve as governor of Akwa Ibom State, because even when he was not aspiring for governorship, he helped a lot of people. If he becomes the governor, everybody will benefit from his administration. I pray that God should grant him the position of governor so that he can actualize his mission on earth as a helper of the needy. Widows, orphans, disabled persons, the poor and the needy, please support Moses Essien and you will have cause to smile."
Mrs Veronica Ntuk
Nsit Ibom, AKS.
(Civil Servant).

"Moses Essien is a man of gentle disposition. He is a God-fearing person. He knows the need of the people, and was always attending to it, even when he was commissioner of Education. He has great plans for our State. So I believe as a man with outstanding qualities, he is qualified to lead Akwa Ibom people."
Johnson Nse (a.k.a Teacher)
Ikono, AKS.

"If you are someone who loves peace, harmony and progress, I am imploring you to support Moses Essien as the man for the office of Governor because he is the only one the cap fits."
Dr. Utom-Obong Udoma
Ukanafun, AKS.
(Medical Doctor)

"I picked interest in some of Moses Essien’s proposed projects such as the 300 Unit Housing Scheme in each L.G.A. each year, revolution of Agricultural Sector, Educational Sector, Science and Technology, Industrialization, and so on. I agree with him that if our people have access to sound education followed by employment opportunities youth restiveness and crime will be drastically reduced. A seaport will further boost the economic potentials of our people and provide more opportunities.

He has also talked about human empowerment; I agree with him on this. Human empowerment provides rapid development. Late Chief Awolowo used his office as Finance Minister in the First Republic to empower his people by providing free education in the West. Today, there is hardly any field of human endeavour that the Yorubas have not dominated – Politics, Academics, Banking, Administration, Law, Commerce, etc – all because he laid a foundation for them. If Moses Essien fulfills his promise of human empowerment, he will not only be providing for the present but sowing seeds into the future of which posterity will always remember him.

I was moved by his promise to complete on-going projects embarked upon by the Attah administration and even call him to commission them. It takes love to do such a thing and I admire him for it. Moses Essien has promised to build a FIFA Standard Stadium Complex. The sports loving people of Akwa Ibom State will appreciate a standard Stadium equipped with facilities. The presence of a standard sports facility in the state will attract major sporting events to the state which will have a turn-around positive effect on the Tourism and Hospitality Industry of our state. We need an International Conference Centre. Ibom Hall alone cannot meet the growing demands for social gathering. For instance, the hall did not contain all the people who went there to attend the banquet in honour of the president during his last visit.

I am further pleased to know that Moses Essien is a Political Scientist. I am presently an undergraduate studying Political Science in the University of Uyo. I am convinced that no one else can plough the political landscape better than a Political Scientist. The confidence and exuberance Moses Essien portrays has inspired me.

As the nation marks her Independence Anniversary today, I pray we find leaders who will lead us with the fear of God and a sense of duty to the people.

Moses Essien should be encouraged because God is with him. The good people of this state are with him. We are praying for him. By Divine intervention he will succeed. I look forward to when he will be addressed as: “Your Excellency”. "
Ubon John Marcus
Uyo, AKS
(Political Science Student)

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